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Colief® Infant drops

Trusted by mums and recommended by healthcare professionals, Colief Infant Drops is the original lactase enzyme and has been on the market for over 20 years.
• Colief Infant Drops are completely natural and break down lactose into simpler sugars, glucose and galactose, making it easier for your baby to digest their feeds and reducing their discomfort.
• The drops added to expressed breast milk or infant formula (prior to feeding) to reduce lactose content
• The drops are suitable for use from birth onwards, even in premature babies.

Colief baby product range:

• Colief Vitamin D Drops: Colief Vitamin D3 Drops is a natural food supplement giving you the reassurance that both you and your baby are getting the right amount of vitamin D, vital for developing strong teeth and bones and a healthy immune system. Colief Vitamin D3 Drops do not contain flavourings, added sugar, preservatives or colours.

• Colief Baby Scalp oil: is a natural product that relieves the symptoms of cradle cap and flaky scalps. Suitable for infants from two months upwards. It is formulated, with naturally derived ingredients including Rosehip oil and chamomile, to gently moisturise and soothe your baby’s skin and scalp.

• Colief Mum and Baby: is a rich blend of plant oils and essential vitamins developed especially to nourish and care for skin during pregnancy and later supports the body as it recovers.

• Colief Breath Easy Patch: For a young child, catching a cold is part of growing up. But that doesn’t mean they have to lose sleep over it! Colief Breathe Easy Patch is a gentle decongestant patch which can be worn on clothing or bedding to offer a comfortable solution for easy breathing.

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