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Zuca bags on wheels for kids & adults

So versatile....used as a School bag, Figure Skating bag, Sports bag, Make-up artist Bag and even a university bag!

Interchangeable bags on wheels

You have found the ultimate bag on wheels! The bag is made up of a light, super-strong aluminum frame and oversized polyurethane wheels (they climb stairs), even school hallways and cracked sidewalks can't slow its roll.

Other sweet features? A removable, hand washable and water resistant bag. Strong zips and durable fabric ensure your books and belongings are protected. A great school system for your kids! That's not all....not only do the wheels flash, but parts are replaceable! The telescopic handle and the wheels can be replaced to ensure its long life!!

Bags for kids and adults designed to sit on

A place to sit and a platform that can support up to 130 kgs! You can transport your valuables, take the weight off your back, and sit down when you want to take a load off your feet!!

Customise your Zuca bag

Customise your own bag - Go to "Build a Bag" on our website and see for yourself!

There is something for everyone!!

For now we are sporting:

- 10 colourful Zuca Sport Frames
- Over 90 delightful designs of Zuca Sport bags and for a little luxury, a custom designed reversible seat cushion, lunchbox, cooler, storage sack, pencil case, book supports and more. (Stocks vary depending on availability.)

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