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cost Quotations are given based on the package content and duration, seasons, locations, etc. Please call. Our prices are not the lowest, but they match the professional quality and service that we provide for unforgettable high impact entertainment.
age From Birth - All ages

We are an established entertainment company (since 1996), based in Pietermaritzburg that provide high impact, professional service throughout the Kwazulu Natal region. You may find something cheaper somewhere else on the internet but you WILL NOT find the level of professionalism and quality that our company provide.

We provided a wide variety of entertainment characters that present theme shows, education shows and team building for all occasions and events, from private parties to schools, malls, commercial and corporate events. We effectively entertain from young children to senior citizens within all culture groups. We have provided over fifty different types of shows and characters in over two thousand presentations mainly in KZN, but also throughout South Africa.

Theatrical and performing skills

We use fun magic tricks, interactive comedy and humour, mime, juggling, uni-cycling, mini cycling, stilt walking, poi (fire/ribbon swinging), clowning, balloon modelling, snake handling, puppets, illusions, face painting, story telling, wacky physics experiments and education presentations, dramas, conducting children’s and adult theme games and fun competitions.

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Here are a few of our most popular characters and shows:

Kimbo the clown

A delightful, high energy character with a strong foreign accent who performs mainly comedy illusions in interactive clown magic shows. The shows also contain moments of mime, juggling and balloon modelling, etc. A show is followed by face painting all the children with bright colours. This is our most popular party package show for children. The ideal age group is from four to twelve year olds although the adults in the audience are equally entertained. A totally different, less stagey approach is used for children under four years old. Kimbo also has a Holiday Activity Club that includes hours of shows, competitions, games and displays suited for malls and large events. Besides Kimbo we also have various other performing clowns.

Action Man

Action Man conducts a 2hr jungle warfare activity based show mainly for boys who enjoy army themes.


Grouped into tribes, fun loving contestants compete during 2hrs of very short, varied and fast pace activities. Testing their abilities of wit, skill, speed, courage, team work, etc. No voting out, highly bias scoring and loads of fun. An ideal party for young and old at all levels.

Fairy, princess & mermaid

Ideal for girls parties, one of these characters would provide a variety of entertainment from magic tricks, to interactive comedy, fun games, face painting, etc.

Mr Magic Man, the great bulgician

Mr Magic Man is a wacky character in brightly coloured costume who presents a comedy magic show and/or close up comedy magic tricks.

PEPPEROCHELLI THE GREAT BULGICIAN is also an animated and wacky magician, but in more traditional top hat and tails offering the same presentations and Magic Man.
Both of these characters also have shows suited to make fromal corporate functions a hit.

Other children's theme shows

The following are a few of our theme characters and parties that are fun, funny and full of action:
PIRATE PETE conducts an unforgettable pirate party.
SILLY SAM conducts a super hero party.
BIG CHIEF TALKING BULL conducts a cowboys and Indians party.
BAFUNNY BANANA conducts a soccer theme party
NIXIE THE RAGDOLL conducts a clown show for younger children.
TINKY TEDDY conducts a teddy bear party.
PILOT PADDY conducts an areoplane theme activity show.
SNAKE MAN presents an informative show on snakes.
FASHION FREAK FiFi conducts an interactive, fun fashion show.
COURT JESTER provides a variety of entertainment at medevil banquets.

Team building

An adaption of our SURVIVE SHOW listed above has been a very successful team building activity for leadership, corporate and other groups. It aids in getting to know each other better, understanding group dynamics and working together as a team, all within the dynamics of having fun. Mainly suited for teens and adults.

Stilt Walkers

Mr Bojangle & Mrs Bowtie are whimsical stilt walkers standing 2,7m tall in striking costume giving a strong visual impact
and creating a carnival type atmosphere. Various skills can be combined with the stilt walking like magic, comedy, balloon modelling and juggling. These characters are more suited for public events.

Puppet shows

The Great Adventure is the Pilgrims Progress Story done using conventional hand puppets and special effects puppets (50 min). We also have wide mouth puppets and a variety of other short entertaining animal puppet stories that are suited to be used in conjunction with our other shows listed.

Circus shows

Intended as a real circus, but everything goes wrong and creative improvisation takes over. Loads of fun, laughs and prizes. Presented by the circus clowns. This show is suitable for larger scale events as opposed to childrens parties.

Magic or Miracle Gospel shows

KJ & Nicky present a fun mixture of drama, stories, tricks, etc to encourage children to read theBible, pray, seek and be filled with God, etc. This show has also been adapted for retirement homes and other institutions.

Fun physics shows

Xtreme Education present magical science demonstrations educating and inspiring young and old alike in the wonderful world of physics. Dramatical and entertaining, the wacky Prof Zweistein and his equally zaney wife have three Fun Physics Shows. The shows are pitched at the appropriate age groups between preschool and matric. Although two of these shows educate primarily on the science of PRESSURE and ENERGY, they have a wide appeal and inspire a general fascination in the field of science and physics. The third show "MAGIC OR SCIENCE???" has a more broad based Science content and is more suited to junior schools. We show that science is not only important, but fun and within everyone’s reach! The shows are visual and laced with comedy throughout. They are performed at schools and science fairs throughout KZN.
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Submitted on Friday, 17th December 2021 at 12:06:57 PM  
Talk about value for money, these guys are amazing! I wasn't expecting such a great performance, he really kept all the kids AND adults entertained and fully engaged the WHOLE time! Everyone loved him. Definitely using them again in future.
Submitted on Friday, 17th December 2021 at 12:02:36 PM  
Knowing a bit about entertainment I have to highly recommend these guys. Very professional standards and a way with people (big and small crowds). If it wasn't for Kimbo, my event would've been a dud, he really brought the place to life and smiles to faces. Very grateful, thank you.
Submitted on Tuesday, 7th December 2021 at 08:29:15 AM  
We hired Kimbo the magician to do his magic show at our daughter’s 7th birthday this past weekend. And wow! We are so grateful we did. He kept 23 kids (plus us big kids too) entertained from start to finish. It was two hours of fun, magic, games, cake cutting and improvising due to the torrential rains we had at the time. Highly recommended!

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