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The first SPCA in South Africa was started approximately 125 years ago, and today there are 97 SPCA'S throughout South Africa, ranging from very small in size to very large.

In 1965 Skit Field died and left almost his entire estate valued at R1.5 million to theSPCA to “as soon as possible after my death establish a branch of the SPCA on the property in Glenholme”. He left a large tract of land with its own water supply and enough money to build a dream SPCA – however the reality of the dream was not an easy one to accomplish. Initially there was a division of opinion on the opening of the SPCA in Kloof.

People did not want rows of kennels housing “yapping’ dogs in the exclusive and hitherto peaceful suburb of Kloof. Animal lovers said the SPCA has a right to inherit, yet there were those who owned valuable adjacent properties who felt the SPCA could build their kennels elsewhere and insisted the municipality enforce the bylaws.

The SPCA was given notice to get off the property. The SPCA rejected this and this conflict continued for many years. Due to the legal deadlock money was trickling in and the SPCA was operating with totally inadequate facilities.

The Kloof Council sent out a referendum to ratepayers asking for their answer of YES or NO to the SPCA. The answer from the people of Kloof was a majority YES and so the Kloof and Highway SPCA began its journey on the worthy quest of animal welfare!

How the SPCA works

Although your SPCA is a non-profit organisation (charity) it is run on business principles.

From the top down the SPCA comprises a Management Committee which oversees the SPCA. The Management Committee issues instructions to its Manager/Chief Executive Officer who in turn is responsible for ensuring that the SPCA under his/her command runs properly.

He/She does this by working in conjunction with the different units such as Inspectorate, Kennels, Equine, Education, Public Relations, Fund raising, Administration and Maintenance. Donations, adoption, investigating claims of cruelty and so much more are managed by the SPCA in the service of animals and animal lovers.

If you want to get involved contact Barbara: fundraising@kloofspca.co.za
or Cheri outreach@kloofspca.co.za

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