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Re-homing, adoption service for labrador and retriever dogs

The LRKC offers a service to match Labrador Retrievers that need a new home to people looking to give a home to a Labrador Retriever that is not necessarily a puppy.

In most instances Labradors referred to us need a new home because their owners are emigrating, moving to a complex where animals are not allowed or are in distressed circumstances and have to part with a beloved pet.

Fortunately we see very few cases of abused or neglected Labradors needing a new home, but we do come across such cases and these especially need a stable new environment with lots of special care and attention - although we do have a qualified animal behaviourist who is able to help if needed.

We always try to get background information on the dog’s history if the owners are known, particularly about issues such as temperament, how they get along with children and other pets plus any other useful information such as ‘needs a lot of exercise’ or ‘afraid of thunder’. We do our best to match homes and owners to the right dog so we need to have information about potential new homes and owners e.g. whether you have children or other pets, although rehoming is always subject to a home check.

Should the dog need to be spayed/neutered or micro chipped, contributions towards these costs will be agreed with you before rehoming the dog. You should never feel obliged to take a dog that you have arranged to see so always be very open-minded and avoid making emotional decisions on the spur of the moment. Remember rehoming is stressful for the dog and they need time to settle into their new home and to learn to love and trust their new family.

We are always willing to help so feel free to call and chat with us if you need any advice. Although this service is run by very dedicated volunteers the LRKC requests a donation from both the previous and the new owners in an attempt to cover costs that may be incurred whilst a dog is in the process of being re-homed, such as temporary kennelling and veterinarian costs.

The rehoming list shows a few of the dogs looking for homes on our list but we have many others available. To see our full list and go our distribution list when new dogs become available please contact Sharon at the e mail address or contact numbers above.

Contributions to the Labrador Retriever Kennel Club

Labrador Retriever Kennel Club
Bank: FNB
Branch: Rosebank
Code: 25 33 05
Account Number: 50370038934
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