Himeville Museum

contact Bongi Zondi
Tel: 033 702 1184
Send us an e-mail
venue Main Road
Himeville Midlands
time Tues to Sat 9am-3pm
Sun 9am - 12:30pm
Closed Mondays
cost Free entry but donations are welcome

Himville museum that displays historical artifacts

Himeville Museum was built in 1900 as the last of Natal's loop-holed forts before housing prisoners until 1972. The museum is home to a valued collection of San artifacts and an insightful interpretation of the life and times of these ancient ones is to be found there.

Museum displays include

* historical artifacts
* pictures and items of household goods
* fishing
* wildlife
* early settlers
* early post office
* telephone exchange
* prison cell
* military
* memorabilia
* clothing
* cameras and other goods
* Bhaca exhibit
* bushman exhibit
* schoolroom
* agricultural implements etc.
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