Highway Hospice Charity Shops

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venue 8 Ivy road
Pinetown Durban
time Mond-Sat: 9am-15.45pm

Second hand clothing, books, furniture, toys etc. at good prices

We offer a fantastic range of quality second hand clothing, books, furniture, kitchenware, crockery, toys, puzzles, records at great prices. It’s a great place to find bargains and to donate unwanted goods.

Donate items to Highway Hospice Charity Shop

We are urging locals to donate good quality unwanted items to help keep our rails and shelves brimming with interesting finds. Anything we cannot sell will, where possible, be recycled to avoid unnecessary waste. Your support enables Highway Hospice to continue its vital work in caring for the terminally ill and providing support for their families.

Our Wish List

Please don't be scared by our wish list, we always say "how do you eat and elephant?..one bite at a time"


- 150 dinner plates
- 150 side plates
- 150 dessert bowls
- 150 dessert spoons
- 150 teaspoons
- 150 knives
- 150 forks
- 12 cake lifters
- 12 large spoons
- 20 fold up plastic trestle tables
- 50 plastic fold up chairs
- items are required when we host functions and fundraising events. This will then avoid us
incurring hiring costs for these items.


- 16 x Bedside Pedestals (IPU)
- weekly toiletries for patient unit
- savlon 4 x 750ml per week
- aqueous cream 2 tubs per week
- baby powder 2 x 400g per week
- vaseline 10 x large tubs per month
- bath soap 8 bars per week
- nappies (per week) 4 x large packets
- 4 x medium packets
- 2 x small packets
- linen savers 2 boxes per month (200 in a box)
- toothpaste 6 tubes per month
- bubble bath 6 bottles per month

Medical Equipment

- 1 x bed pan washer for the In patient unit
- maintenance equipment & materials:
- 100m2 floor tiles (Homecare–to replace perished carpet)
- 1 x electric weed eater

Special Goods

- 2 x female mannequin (Pinetown Charity Shop)
- 1 x trolley on wheels (Pinetown Charity Shop)
- 2 x Fold Up plastic trestle tables (Pinetown Charity Shop)
- 40 x metal foldup tables (Fundraising – to replace
- damaged tables used for our fetes)
- conference centre
At our new Pinetown Charity Shop we have set aside a space for a small conference centre
that we can hire out to companies to help raise funds. We need to equip this conference
centre and are looking for the following (new or second hand):
-tables and chairs
- conference main table
- white boards
- flip charts
- data projector and screen

List Of Shops Kzn

Bothas Hill - Embocraft Training Centre Craft Shop
Durban - Granny's Attic
Durban - Nuggets 'n Gems
Hillcrest - Highway Hospice Charity Shop in Hillcrest
Pinetown - Highway Hospice Charity Shop in Pinetown
Pinetown - KwaCare Community Thrift Shop

Deliveries: We can collect but items may also be dropped off.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer to help out in the shop.

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