Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk

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Tel: 035 474 1141, 035 474 4029
Cell: 083 265 9629
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venue Eshowe Zululand
time Mon to Sun: 7am-5pm
cost Adults: R25
Children 5-18yrs: R5
age All ages

Coastal forest with birdlife, trails, aerial boardwalk and picnic sites

Unique in Southern Africa, and exclusive to Eshowe, is the Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk. Built of natural timber, the boardwalk takes you 125m through the forest just below the canopy, which is 10m above the forest floor.

The boardwalk itself is wheelchair friendly up to the steel observation tower, which is 20m high and unfortunately inaccessible to wheelchairs.

Visit the forest and let the Aerial Boardwalk reveal for you the magical bird life, indigenous trees, busy insects and precious flowers. Take notice of the things like textures of bark, twisted vines, roots of strangler figs, Epiphytic Orchids and the odd bird's nest. The 20m high viewing platform, which emerges above the canopy of the trees offers a panoramic view towards the Indian Ocean, over the tops of magnificent Flat Crown, Giant Umzimbeet and Forest Iron Plum, yet still smell sweet blossoms and watch butterflies sip nectar at close range.

The Dlinza Forest is home to more than 65 species of birds including the endangered Spotted Ground Thrush, the rare Eastern Bronze Naped Pigeon, magnificent Purple-crested Lourie and Narina Trogon, to name only a few. African Crowned Eagles are frequently seen from the viewing platform as they soar high above the forest.

Dlinza Forest is a popular birdwatching destination and is part of the Zululand Birding Route.

In addition to the birds, there are over 80 species of butterfly and many more moths, the rare tiny Clifden's Centipeded Snail (found only here), millipedes, frogs, and chameleons - in fact, a host of interesting animal life.
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