Chris Saunders Park

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venue Umhlanga Noth Coast
time Operates from 06h00 to 22h00 daily and managed by URTC Management Association

age All ages

Chris Saunders Park

Dubbed the “green lung” of the Umhlanga Ridge development due to its green belt, the park provides a valuable human link. It promises to be a sanctuary to residents and visitors amid the hustle and bustle of everyday living. The park, characterised by beautifully landscaped green lawns, shady trees, a 3650 square metre natural pond and sprawling open spaces, provides a leisurely ambience that continues to spread THDev’s philosophy of a new urbanism. THDev introduced the concept of new urbanism that has brought to the market an attractive, holistic environment in which people can live, work, play and learn. The park is in line with this concept, promoting the creation of a ‘heart’ of the neighbourhood and encouraging people to enjoy public spaces and their surroundings.

A leisurely walk in the park, reading the paper on a park bench, a day out with the kids, or simply taking in the view should not be something of the past. You can head down to the park on weekdays and weekends and feel secure, thanks to passive security through design, which avoids dark corners and aims to ensure good lighting and visibility as far as possible. More traditional security measures include fencing around the entire park perimeter, 24-hour CCTV surveillance and patrols. This space is intended to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, and will provide a welcome new element to the residential and commercial development which is thriving in the area. Development surrounding the park benefit from a picturesque green outlook and include four and six-storey buildings in a classical design style.

Attractions at the park

- Secure site with patrol guards.
- Clean and well maintained ablution facilities.
- Large dam with water features and fish
- 2 Ha of parkland
- Wooden walkway
- Thriving birdlife
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Submitted on Thursday, 29th December 2016 at 08:22:47 PM  
Well I visited the Chris Saunders park today with my 70 year old parents and my 23 month old daughter. This was my second visit and my parents first. My daughter was playing with a cushion rattle like ball. I was approached by an Enforce security guard, a black male, Lecinda who first lectured me on not controlling my child, when I apologised for not adhering to the parks rules and undertook to not let the child play with the rattle-like toy again, I was still reprimanded on not being a good parent. Then when I was tired of the lecture and subjecting my elderly parents to the embarrassment, I enquired whether there was a fine because I had already admitted I was wrong and apologised and was very polite but he still went off at me. He asked us to leave the at 11h30 whilst still munching on our takebout lunch, my elderly parents,my 23 month old and myself, (8 months pregnant) were kicked out off the park after first being subjected to an unfriendly lecture on poor parenting...not a very festive way to spend the day out with family.

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