Baynesfield Estate Museum

contact Heritage Centre Manager
Tel: 033 251 0001
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venue Baynesfield
Richmond Midlands
time Mon to Fri: 8.30am-4pm
Weekends and public holidays by appointment
cost Donations
R20 pp for a tour of the estate house
age All ages

Museum offers tours of the Vintage collection of agricultural & dairy industry

Nestled in the Natal Midlands the Baynesfield Estate, close to Richmond, was founded by Joseph Baynes in 1863, noted agriculturalist and pioneer in the dairy industry.

The venue offers a number of museums:

* The dairy museum in the first butter factory in South Africa

* A kitchen museum in the same building

* A Hobbies Museum which has a comprehensive collection of vintage sewing machines and related hobbies

* A gardening museum with a number of old gardening equipment

* Baynes House - a fully furnished Victorian House

* The Vintage Tractor Club has its HQ here and have a collection of vintage tractors, machinery and a number of steam driven engines

* The Woodcrafters have set up their museums in the homestead which was occupied by Joseph Baynes and his first wife Maria.

* They have a blacksmith, a wagon wheel maker, miniature trains, fret worker, bodger and much else.

Educational resources

* We offer exceptional treats for groups of children who visit the museums in that we demonstrate the making of butter, the shelling and grinding of maize, the use of antique wood working tools.

* These visits need to be booked in advance to enable us to arrange these attractions.

* We have 4 open days a year where all the exhibits in the Tractor Club Museum and the wood crafting museum are on display and working. We also have a large craft market on these days when good quality goods are for sale in the large historic garden.

Kids parties places:

* The garden is offered as a venue for weddings
* Childrens' parties.
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