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Pilot uniform and aviation kit for kids.

The world of Aviation is full of excitement and opportunity. It is a world that many people dream of being a part of.

Aviation Life is dedicated to all things related to aviation. Our products are the result of a passion for aviation and years of experience in the industry.

We’ve guided many young people towards their dream aviation career and we’ve inspired young children to learn more about aviation

Aviation junior pilot package, kit for kids

For children, airports and airplanes hold great excitement! They marvel at the uniformed crews and their young imaginations can ‘take off’ watching aircraft heading off into the skies and the big world – out there.

Aviationlife have put together a special “Junior Pilot” package aimed at the 4 to 9 age group.
The package comprises:
* A pilot’s cap
* A white shirt complete with wings badge and captain’s gold bars on the shoulder epaulettes
* A Jetsonic Jumbo Jet toy with red flashing lights
* A colourful, educational picture story book entitled “Junior Pilot Adventures.”

The book tells the story of Tshepo and Jonathan who go flying in their little Piper plane and all the adventures they have along the way.

Children are accustomed to toys and gifts which are mass produced, not leaving any lasting educational impression. This unique package aims to create interest and awareness of aviation and inspire children to explore it further.

Junior Flyer

Junior Flyer is for learning about aviation, in a non-stodgy, fun way.

Here you'll find science and cartoons, games and history. There are videos, old and new, and stories about adventurous pioneers. If you are interested in flight you are bound to find something interesting at Junior Flyer.

So have a look around... learn a little, laugh a little, and love the sky-high world of flying! http://www.juniorflyer.com/
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