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The visionary and creator of this website. A mom, wife, journalist, workaholic and the person who keeps tabs on everything and everyone around here, including her 2 beautiful children, Lerato and Marvin, the inspiration behind jozikids.

Meticulous, polite, a stickler for detail and thorn in the flesh for many a late payer. As the head of accounts, shes our shaker and mover and shes getting results.

Astute, calm, resourceful, a fast learner, always ready for a challenge, helps us cope and survive crises with ease and expertise. Need I say more?

Gentle, thoughtful, determined and diplomatic, perfectly placed facilitating dialogue between unhappy customers and the companies they review.

Vivacious, enthusiastic, energetic and extremely on the ball. Shes fabulous on the phone and may be the one you talk to you if you give us a call.

Extremely resourceful, adaptable, articulate and competent. Whatever she does is done with care whether it's competitions, helping listers or writing text

So modest and reserved but even more efficient, smart and quick to learn. Shirin we are delighted to have someone of your calibre working with us helping people find what they need for their kids.

So calm, insightful and clear. Johan has spent over 20 yrs working with start-ups, large multinationals, & management consulting. We are extremely grateful that he has chosen to work with us. Thank you.

Industrious and smart, Stephan's company develops tools for managing business admin online. He built a system for Jozikids linking our database to the accounting system.


Kznkids.co.za is the latest project of Jozikids.co.za, an online directory/ calendar for parents, teachers and anyone who works with kids to find what they need. In response to requests from parents living in other parts of the country, we launched Kznkids in January 2013. Like Jozikids it is a website designed to meet the needs of anyone looking for whats on offer for kids and families. We pride ourselves on the depth of our coverage and the parenting community we have created. With Kznkids we plan to do the same for the KwaZulu-Natal region.

Both Jozikids and Kznkids are unique, they are websites designed to help you find the best for your kids and to share your experiences. We hope you find them useful and would love to hear what you think! Click here to send us your comments.

getting started

How Jozikids got started. What our listers, site visitors and the media say about Jozikids/kznkids, the directory designed to make it easy to find what's out there for kids and families.

Finding out what's on offer for kids in the dispersed and fragmented city of Johannesburg, is often daunting. I struggled for years with 2 small children of my own to find pottery, swimming or gymnastics teachers, child-friendly restaurants, museums, kids' entertainment or any ideas for day outings. I was looking for an in-depth resource and online children's directory with choices and recommendations. There was none, so I set myself the task of creating a resource that children, parents and teachers could use on a daily basis.

Jozikids was born to help make all our lives easier, to showcase the myriad of family friendly, child-oriented services, products, event planning and activities in the biggest shopping centre imaginable, the internet, with its unlimited space and possibilities. It's the solution for frustrated moms, dads, teachers, caregivers or visitors who never know where to look to find what they need whether it's a day outing, extra-mural activities, furniture, clothing, clowns, face painters, that special party venue or an educational school outing.


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